5 things Commenting:

1.) The Barkley shower burrito will stand the test of time. I'm feeling it.

2.) 1-hour old confirmation of my orthopedist: Carbon plated shoes have clearly caused an increase in injuries. However 95% of these injuries were achilles tendonitis and, at least at his office, no stress fractures. More studies will tell the full story in the near future. This leads me to the next point:

3.) Elevating my heel by ca. 3mm with a soft heel pad did the trick for (or against) my achilles tendonitis last year.

4.) Congrats on your 30k long run. Always and forever the most important milestones in a marathon preparation.

5.) Thanks for featuring Willpower Running! <3

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the soft heel pad is too low tech for me. I always wear that in my "normal" shoes when I got achilles problems from running too much. maybe I should rethink my strategy :)

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