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I’m a big fan of the good old Sunday paper and I like reading long articles on a big range of topics. That’s why I pick five articles from around the web for you to read. I haven’t been offline since 1995 and back then the internet was still black and white (or monochrome greenish). And ever since then, I have been curious about all sorts of stuff, heck I even turned this curiosity into a job and have been working with startups for over 20 years now. Currently I run as a Managing Partner, investing and working with early stage startups from around Europe.

The only selection criteria for Five Things is that I have to find the article interesting. My interests are manyfold and range from politics and tech and the intersection thereof, as well as startups & entrepreneurship, fashion and culture. And of course running. Oh, and food. Well, you see, I’m interested in a broad range of topics. Please come along for the ride and get something new to read every Sunday Morning. I have started Five Things in October of 2017.

And new in March 2023: every Monday you can read Five Things Running with five interesting articles about running. Yes, running. This simple thing can be turned into quite a fascinating topic with lots of really interesting articles.

Also new: each Saturday I send out Five Things Tech with five articles from the world of tech that you should read.

And even newer: each Friday I send out Five Things AI, with, you guessed it, five articles about the wonderful world of AI.

Featured on in 2018 (while I was still on a daily publishing schedule): Blogging is most certainly not dead ✌🏻

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My Substack: Five Things - I haven't been offline since 1995 and I'm curious about lot of things: tech, innovation, politics, culture, etc. - also I'm a runner and therefore I run. Managing Partner at